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SFMI Terms of Association

For a marina to identify themselves as a Shark Free or Shark Friendly Marina (SFM) they are informing the general public that they agree to the following Terms of Association.

1.0 Definitions of a Shark Friendly and Shark Free Marina

A Shark Friendly Marina is a marina or business that discourages the landing or killing of sharks. They do not serve shark products nor do they promote activities that intentionally harm sharks.

A Shark Free Marina is a utility used to dock, service and harbor aquatic vessels of any kind that does not allow its patrons to land caught sharks for any purpose including (but not limited to):

  • Photographic or trophy display purposes
  • Cleaning or processing of the shark for fins, meat, jaws, or any other by-product
  • Weighing for the purpose of record, trophy or competition

1.1 Exemptions

The entity Shark Friendly Marinas grants exemptions to its Terms of Association in regards to landing of shark where one of the following is satisfied:

  • The shark is brought in under the council of qualified scientists, marine stock managers or law enforcement / government authorized personnel.
  • The shark is brought in for research purposes and, where this is the case, there is supporting documentation that state a valid research requirement for killed shark.
  • The shark has been found in a deceased state and has been brought in with permission for the purposes of identification or research. This may be the case with unusual or deep water species.

2.0 Identification of a Shark Friendly or Shark Free Marina

An SFMI certified Shark Friendly or Shark Free Marina agrees to identify itself by the following:

  • Publicly visible signs:
    Official Shark Free or Shark Friendly Marina signs must be displayed in a prominent place within the marina grounds. Examples of these locations are within the dock/harbor masters office, attached to the dock structure itself or posted on the entry. The signs must carry the SFM logo and website address (www.sharkfriendlymarinas.org) to satisfy 'fair notification' rules which state the fishermen must be informed of his/her rights when using the facility.
  • Registry with the entity 'Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative':
    The marina must register with SFMI through the SFMI website or by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Cost of registry is 100% free. Official signs are available from the SFM website and are provided at a subsidized cost. We also have provided printable signs free of charge which also constitute 'fair notification'.

The Shark Friendly and Shark Free Marina dock signs may not be printed or manufactured by any other organization than the Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative. The SFMI logos and signs may be printed in order to comply with the preceding points (2.0). We appreciate your support and insist that a marina registers with us to ensure our terms of association understood.

3.0 Utilities of enforcement

An SFMI Iregistered Shark Free or Shark Friendly Marina is a self policing entity. We suggest that patrons who are not satisfied with the preceding directives (1 & 2) are asked to change their fishing practices or to take their catch elsewhere. We appreciate that business is important and do not desire to reduce your revenue sources. To that end we have provided education for your patrons and will offer support in the forms of publications, fair media and supporting literature wherever possible and upon request.