Why Become a Shark Friendly Marina?


The Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative works with resort marinas, municipal marinas and private marinas that cater to sport fishing vessels. We seek marina partnerships in asking regional fishermen not to allow sharks to be taken and displayed at their locations. This initiative, in turn, encourages the use of catch-and-release programs and promotes sustainable fisheries.

Marinas who support this initiative will receive support materials in the form of dock signs, advertising space and the right to use our logo.

Positive Media Exposure

Marinas join this initiative for a variety of reasons, namely positive media exposure, and the green effect. In today's marketplace the public perception of green businesses is shifting. Those companies that do business green are seeing higher traffic and dedicated consumers. Adding a Shark Friendly sign to your site informs the public you care about the environment and sustainable fisheries. Think of it as a public green badge supported by our growing list of fishing industry members and NGO's.

Contribute to the Solution

Close to 7 million sharks are caught by sport fishing efforts in the USA each year. While many are released tens of thousands are kept for weigh ins and images. The rest of the animal is often donated, or dumped in local landfills. Shark Friendly Marinas hopes to stop this senseless one time use of a resource and instead allow animals to be caught and released. Forward thinking marinas in your region are already making the change, we would like to partner with you and make you a Shark Friendly Marina and in turn save sharks for future sport fishing generations.

Frequently Asked Questions