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Regional Ambassador Code of Conduct

The following constitutes the Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative Regional Ambassador Code of Conduct.
These are subject to change and may be modified at any time.

1. Regional Ambassador Representation

As an 'RA' you are granted the right to speak on our behalf to businesses in the marine industry for the express purposes of registering their facility as Shark Friendly or Shark Free. These businesses should be directed to the marinas page to complete registration.

2. Registering a Business or Marina

You may not register a business or marina on their behalf without their express permission. Each business is contacted by SFMI staff to verify their identity. You are not permitted to ask a business for money.

3. Confrontations with Businesses

We understand that conservation is a passionate subject for many, including us. However we must insist that you do not use the Shark Friendly Marinas name, logo or property in any form of protest, rally, defamation or smear campaign. We encourage you to strive to see the synergy between conservation ideals and necessary business. Let facts and figures make the argument, do not enter into one yourself.

4. Use of name and logo

The names "Shark Free Marina," "Shark Friendly Marina" and "Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative" are trademarks of Shark Friendly Marinas and may not be used by any organization for fund-raising or publicity except for the express purposes of promoting the Shark Friendly Marinas initiative. The SFMI logo is also protected by the aforementioned provisions and may not be altered for any reason. If in doubt permission to use the logo or name may be granted by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. Use of Shark Friendly and Shark Free Marina dock signs

The Shark Friendly or Shark Free Marina aluminum dock signs may not be printed or manufactured by any other organization than Shark-Free Marinas. We have provided printable signs free of charge which can be displayed in marina offices or windows in accordance with our Terms of Association. We appreciate your support but must insist that a marina registers with us to ensure our code of conduct is understood.

6. Linking to our website, blogs and media outlets

Supporters of the Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative may link to our website and resources. Direct block copies of our content may not be re-posted as original content for any reason. Please respect copyright laws by not re-using text or photos from this website and notice where we have linked to external sources where data is cited.

7. Media representation

Regional Ambassadors do not directly represent SFMI but may speak to local newspapers, media, radio or magazines as a supporter. No person may claim to directly represent the Shark Friendly Marinas Initiative, or brand, other than persons listed on our Advisory Board or who have been granted specific permission by the Managing Director of SFMI. This provision does not prohibit our Regional Ambassadors from speaking to businesses. Media outlets should contact the Director, Pat Ragan, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any requests.

8. Use of video

The Shark Friendly Marinas video is posted on YouTube and many other media outlets. As such it is public domain and may be linked to and commented on through these services. The SFMI does not grant permission for any editing of this video whatsoever (without written consent). Any such action will be answered with legal intent as is the right granted by the laws of copyright.