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Parkway Motel and Marina

Parkway Motel and Marina
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1180 Chuckloskee #26, Chuckloskee, Florida 34138

T 239 695 3261
F 239 695 3262
General info
We have the best and closest access to the gulf and the National Park in our area. Our boat docks are available for rent and can handle most boats. Our full service marina and tackle shop has everything you need for a great day of fishing.

Parkway Motel and Marina at Chokoloskee Island

We feature ValvTect® marine gasoline which contains ValvTect®
Octane Performance Improver, a patented combustion modifier and
detergent additive. It is specially formulated to:

  • Improve Octane performance
  • Increase engine power and acceleration
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 8%
  • Keep fuel fresh during periods of storage
  • Extends engine life