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Moody's Namena Island Resort

Moody's Namena Island Resort
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Private Mail Bag, Savusavu

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an environmentally friendly private island South Pacific getaway

General info

MOODY'S NAMENA RESORT, FIJI is an environmentally friendly private island South Pacific getaway and offers scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing or honeymoon vacations with Fijian bure accommodation. The Resort is a secluded paradise with white sand beaches as well as hiking trails through tropical forest.

Namena Marine Reserve

The focus on Namenalala Island is enjoyment of the natural land and sea environment. The Namena Barrier Reef which surrounds the island is one of Fiji's most diversified and spectacular reef ecosystems with 25-30 kilometers of walls and bommies (sea mounts). There are several openings in the barrier reef and in those passages, as the tide fluctuates bringing in current, the soft corals bloom and the silent world beneath-the-sea becomes a panorama of incredible beauty. Colorful reef fish dart in and out of the waving corals. We've taken a Google Earth map and marked the dive sites we use the most. The Namena Marine Reserve came about with the issuing of beautiful plastic-coated tags in 2004. The tags are valid for the current calendar year and each year a new photo taken in the reserve is pictured with credit to the photographer. The money collected from all resorts & liveaboards using the Namena Marine Reserve is sent to the Committee operated by the 11 villages who control the fishing rights. Since they have suspended all fishing - both to commercial fishing vessels and their own people for subsistence fishing in exchange for leaving the area to remain the breeding grounds for all their reefs along the coast adjacent to their villages. Every year youth are chosen from these villages and their education is paid for by the fees. Current tag fees are F$25.00 per tag/person.