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Coastal Development Organisation (CODO)

Coastal Development Organisation (CODO)
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Wadnaha, Mogadishu, Banadir 25261

T +254721459367
General info
Coastal Development Organisation (Somalia) is LNGO that operates in the field of marine, agriculture, environment and development of coastal communities in south central Somalia, CODO was established on 15th October 2001 by a group of Somali professionals. from coastal communities to be coastal community focal point, CODO is legally registered in Somalia which was recognized and intended to focus on Somali small scale fishery industry, in addition to, working throughout south central Somalia to strengthen coastal community capacity at all levels for Peace and Development mechanisms at fishing sector to enable community centred awareness among coastal residents and to achieve sustainable economic growth through Development, Environmental protection, capacity building, poverty reduction, job creation opportunities, Relief and Rehabilitations in livelihood building, to lobby decision makers among coastal community, to improve governance and respect for human rights in the fisheries sector and to reduce gender inequality,