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105 Long Key Lake Down Dr, Long Key, Florida 33001

T (305) 509-7753

Breakthrough Shark Research Program

General info

The Aqua Ranch’s breakthrough Shark Research Program intensifies our tourist attraction through cage dives and feedings of lemon sharks, and soon to be added Bull sharks, in a fenced off section of our quarry that is about 5 acres and 44 feet deep. This develops research and education with our affiliate Shark Defense Technologies. This aids in attracting both student internships and public volunteers.

The Aqua Ranch was conceptualized to advance the fields of aquaculture and sustainable fishing in the United States. We have designed a plan to educate the public through eco tours and hands on participation throughout our facility.We have  large tanks for displaying indigenous marine life which enable us to offer educational field trips and other sanctioned tours from around the country. We believe that children need to learn about the operations of fisheries and aquaculture for the food industry in light of our expected population growth in the coming generations. We believe uniting the fishing and aquaculture industries will help sustain wild fish stocks in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, as well as help ensure commercial fishing stays for generations to yet come. Being located in the Florida Keys facilitates the efforts of education through tourism as well as restocking fisheries in both waters.

As part of your admission, you are invited to join us in a shark seminar and our Aquatic Awareness presentation.  Our shark seminar focuses on the conservation of sharks through an eco friendly approach.  Learn about all the different ways the Aqua Ranch is helping to protect both sharks and humans alike. 

Our main focus is on educating people from all over the world on the proper etiquette of dealing with marine life. 

The Florida Keys relies on tourism through our beautiful coral reefs and fishing.  All the years of tourism have taken their toll on our reefs and wild fish stocks.  Our Aquatic Awareness presentation allows everyone visiting the keys to know how to properly enjoy everything our waters have to offer.